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Henderson Homes For Sale - Educate Yourself About Henderson Homes for Sale

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Due to its immense popularity as a tourist destination, Las Vegas has many job opportunities. As a result, many people relocate to the area. If you’re one of them, you may be interested in the nearby community of Henderson. This Las Vegas suburb is Nevada’s second-largest city; there are always plenty of Henderson homes for sale. Because the community is quite sprawling, you have many geographical choices when it comes to homes for sale in Henderson, Nevada. A few of the best areas to find homes for sale in Henderson, NV are outlined below.

An Overview of Henderson, Nevada Homes for Sale

The statistics regarding Henderson homes for sale is clear evidence of the wide range of prices that are available in the area in terms of real estate. For instance, the typical listing price for a house in this community is $452,600 – yet the average selling price is around $166,000. From the perspective of price per square foot, homes for sale in Henderson, Nevada average $107.

If you’ll be relocating with school-aged children, you’ll be interested to know that most Henderson, Nevada homes for sale are served by the Clark County School District. This large district includes more than 350 schools, and approximately 319,000 students attend them. Henderson itself has 29 elementary schools, nine middle schools and five public high schools.

Luckily, crime rates for Henderson are much lower than those for Clark County as a whole. The property crime rate is 2.78%; the violent crime rate is just 0.25%. As you compare the homes for sale in Henderson, NV, you’ll be glad to know that crime is not a major issue in this community.

Henderson Homes for Sale in the Lake Las Vegas Neighborhood

With its pleasant location on the northeast outskirts of Henderson, the Lake Las Vegas neighborhood has many prime Henderson, Nevada homes for sale. This neighborhood is within sight of Las Vegas Bay, which is a part of Lake Mead. Homes here are listed around $780,000, but typically sell for a lot less, at $240,900. However, at $342 per square foot, you’re not going to get an exceptional deal.

Henderson Homes for Sale in the Green Valley North Neighborhood

If your budget won’t allow you to consider Henderson, Nevada homes for sale in the Lake Las Vegas neighborhood, the Green Valley North neighborhood is always a decent choice. It is right near McCarren International Airport and Paradise Valley Country Club. Average listing prices tend to be around $293,000, but homes usually sell for closer to $150,000. With a price per square foot of $86, there are some great deals in this part of town.

Henderson Homes for Sale in the Anthem Neighborhood

Finally, one of the newest enclaves in Henderson is the Anthem neighborhood. Located on the south outskirts of the city, it is just east of Henderson Executive Airport. Homes for sale in Henderson, Nevada in this brand new development are normally listed for around $903,000; however, they often sell for around $301,000. The price per square foot for these homes is around $146. As you can see, there are several price options for homes in Henderson.

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