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Home Security System Wireless - The Benefits of a Wireless Home Security System

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According to FBI statistics, a burglary takes place in the U.S every 15 seconds and 34% of the intruders come directly through the front door. Wireless home security systems provide protection for inhabitants and important valuable property.

The Advantages of Wireless Alarm Systems

Home security systems are available in hard wired configurations or wireless varieties that communicate exclusively through radio waves.

Hard wired alarm systems involve a significant degree of pre planning and often require a low voltage contractor’s license for installation. Holes must be drilled into walls to allow for the threading of wires to the remote locations. Sensor positioning is restricted by physical barriers and the integrity of the system is easily compromised by severing visible wiring or cutting off the power to the structure.

Since wireless home security alarm systems do not require electrical wiring, sensors can be placed virtually anywhere within the service range and do not necessitate building modifications. Modern control units have extended signal strength that easily penetrates walls, floors and other structural impediments.

A wireless home security system offers significant benefits in ease of installation, operations and effectiveness. Basic packages are available at a variety of price points and usually consist of a key pad controller and a limited number of remote sensors. Add on peripherals offer numerous options and can include motion detectors, high decibel alarms, additional sensors, smoke detectors, key chain remotes, surveillance cameras, battery back up provisions and a variety of other home automation components.

Unlike hard wired systems, wireless security alarms can be easily removed and relocated. Security zones can be modified or expanded effortlessly by repositioning or purchasing additional sensors. Advanced auto dial capabilities alert owners with a phone call in the event the alarm is triggered.

Wireless Alarm System Installation

The uncomplicated installation of wireless home security systems is one of the most attractive features of the technology. Although professional installation is available and includes the advantage of 24 hour call center monitoring, adding a wireless alarm is a perfect do-it-yourself project.

A complete and professional appearing installation includes the following elements:

  • Determining the number of zones that will be integrated into the system. It is important to cover all ground floor access points including operable doors and windows.
  • Establishing a suitable location for the keypad controller. Proper placement ensures all zones will remain in the broadcast service range. Since the controller will require power, it is important to position the unit near an electrical outlet.
  • Sensor installation. Sensors consist of a transmitter and a magnet. The transistor is mounted on the appropriate frame while the magnet is attached directly to the door or window itself, often with double sided tape.
  • Programming the controller according to the manufacturer supplied directions. This will establish zone communications and can be tested to verify the integrity of the connection.

The Value of Home Security Systems

Wireless home security systems are cost effective, simple to install and provide protection and peace of mind.

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