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Bonita Springs Fl Homes - Find the Right Bonita Springs, FL Homes

bonita springs homes for sale bonita springs homes

If the greater Fort Myers area is too developed for you, but you’d still to live close enough to commute there, Bonita Springs – which is to the south of the city – is an excellent option. There are many opportunities when it comes to Bonita Springs, FL homes; their prices vary considerably. Some Bonita Springs homes are in decidedly rural areas, while others are within walking distance of the nearby Gulf of Mexico. Wherever your tastes may lie, you should be able to find Bonita Springs home for sale that will appeal to you.

Essential Facts About Bonita Springs, FL Homes

Due to the dismal state of the real estate market, it is possible to get phenomenal prices on Bonita Springs homes these days. The average list price of a home in or near Bonita Springs is around $600,000; however, the typical sale price is much lower, at $174,000. In terms of price per square foot, the average Bonita Springs home’s is around $139.

Bonita Springs homes are served by the Lee County School District. This large district also covers the greater Fort Myers area; it is comprised of 112 schools, and its student population exceeds 82,000. However, it is a respected district, which makes Bonita Springs, FL homes more attractive to families.

Crime isn’t a significant issue in Bonita Springs. If you’re looking for a Bonita Springs home, you’ll be glad to hear that the property crime rate in the area is slightly less than the state average, at 3.41%. Bonita Springs’ violent crime rate is 0.65%. As you compare Bonita Springs homes for sale, you won’t have to differentiate between them in terms of crime.

Bonita Springs, FL Homes in the 34135 Zip Code

There are many Bonita Springs home in the 34135 zip code, which borders Interstate 75. This section of town lies to the west of Old 41 Road, and contains several sprawling streets of suburban homes. Even though the average listing price for a Bonita Spring house in the area is $342,400, the average selling price is just $152,000. Throw in the fact that the price per square foot of these homes is around $120, and you have quite a bargain on your hands.

Bonita Springs, FL Homes in the 34133 Zip Code

To the east of I-75 lies the 34133 zip code. This is the most recently developed part of town; many new Bonita Springs homes for sale can be found here. The average listing price consistently falls around $875,000, which is understandable due to the newness of these homes.

Bonita Springs, FL Homes in the 34134 Zip Code

Finally, Bonita Springs’ 34134 zip code features homes that are within walking distance of the Gulf of Mexico. For that reason, the average listing price hovers right around $987,000. That said, Bonita Springs houses in this area have been selling for an average of $295,000; if you’re looking for a prime deal, this is a good place to look. Whatever your ideal price range may be, there’s sure to be a Bonita Springs home that fits within it.

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