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Littleton Homes For Sale - Littleton Homes for Sale: An Overview

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As one of the fastest-growing parts of the United States, the Denver area has a lot to offer. If a new job is bringing you and your family to Denver, you should consider relocating to the suburb of Littleton, which is approximately ten miles to the south. This sleepy enclave is close enough to the city to be convenient, but far enough away to offer a quiet, relaxing environment.

When it comes to Littleton homes for sale, you have plenty of options at your disposal. The average listing price for a home in Littleton is around $408,000; the average sales price is $233,000. At around $156 per square foot, Littleton homes are relatively good deals. The median home value in the state of Colorado is $166,000, though, so there are less expensive areas in the state in which to live. However, the extra cost is directly related to Littleton’s convenient location – and its abundance of new homes.

School-aged children in the Littleton area are served by two school districts, the Jefferson County School District and the Douglas County School District. The Jefferson County school district has around 80 schools and a student population of approximately 55,000; the Douglas County School District is larger, with around 165 schools and approximately 86,000 students. Many Littleton homes for sale are within walking distance of an elementary school, middle school or high school.

In terms of crime, Littleton hovers right around the state average on two counts. The property crime rate is 3.65, while the violent crime rate is only 0.07%. If you’re looking at homes for sale in Littleton, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about crime.

Littleton Homes for Sale in the 80120 Zip Code

The 80120 zip code is in south-central Littleton, and encompasses one of the most affordable parts of the immediate area. The average listing price for homes in this zip code is $350,000; the average sales price is $224,000. Thanks to its proximity to Chatfield Lake, this part of the city boasts plenty of recreational activities. If you’re interested in scenery, focus on Littleton homes for sale in this area.

Littleton Homes for Sale in the 80111 Zip Code

One of the most exclusive areas in or around Littleton is the 80111 zip code, which is in the Englewood neighborhood. This area includes Orchard Hills Park and Cherry Creek Lake, making it bucolic and pleasant. The average listing price for homes in the 80111 zip code is $740,000. The average sales price for homes here is $320,000. Some of the newest Littleton homes for sale can be found in this part of town.

Littleton Homes for Sale in the 80016 Zip Code

Southeast of downtown Littleton, you’ll find the Aurora neighborhood. Some of the most popular homes for sale in Littleton can be found here, thanks to popular areas like the Saddle Creek Golf Club and scenic Heritage Eagle Bend. The average listing price for homes here is $407,000; the average sales price is $340,000. For those who are interested in settling in Littleton, this is a first-rate area to consider.

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