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Orlando Florida Houses - Top Choices for Orlando, Florida Houses

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Thanks to its prime location in central Florida, Orlando has long been considered a desirable place to live. The massive array of theme parks – especially Walt Disney World – also make this region a popular place to be. If you’re relocating here and are interested in Orlando, Florida houses, the first thing that you should know is that there are dozens of different districts and neighborhoods available. There are homes for sale Orlando, FL to fit all budgets, too. Get a better idea about your options by studying the following information.

Basic Things to Know About Homes for Sale Orlando, Florida

With an average listing price of around $275,000, it initially appears that Orlando, Florida houses are in the middle in terms of cost. However, the average selling price, $95,000, is a lot more telling. The average price per square foot for homes for sale Orlando, FL is just $75 – a true bargain for cost-conscious homeowners-to-be.

Since many families live in Orlando, it has a massive school district. The Orange County Public School District is made up of more than 230 schools and has a student population that exceeds 205,000 pupils. In fact, it is the 12th-largest school district in the United States. Most Orlando, Florida houses are within the boundaries of this sprawling district.

Due, in particular, to several inner-city neighborhoods, Orlando’s crime rate isn’t spectacular. The property crime rate is an astronomical 8.45%, while the violent crime rate is an eyebrow-raising 1.98%. However, most of the newer neighborhoods are quite safe.

Orlando, Florida Houses in the Lake Nona Neighborhood

One of Orlando’s premier neighborhoods is Lake Nona, which is southeast of Orlando International Airport. Tucked between Lake Nona and Lake Hart, this neighborhood has some of the most expensive homes for sale Orlando, Florida. The typical listing price for homes here is around one million dollars; however, selling prices average closer to a much-lower $218,000. This discrepancy has more to do with the unsteady real estate market than anything else.

Orlando, Florida Houses in the Baldwin Park Neighborhood

A nice, midrange neighborhood in Orlando is Baldwin Park. This community is located just south of Lake Baldwin and north of Lake Susannah. Historically, prices for homes for sale Orlando, Florida in this area tend to be more middle-of-the-road; recent listings average around $500,000, but homes often sell for closer to $375,000. The price per square foot for the houses in Baldwin Park is $145, which is reasonable.

Orlando, Florida Houses in the Meadow Woods Neighborhood

The Meadow Woods neighborhood can be found in the southern part of Orlando. Homes for sale Orlando, FL in this area are exceptionally affordable; there are plenty of starter homes here, in this area near the intersection of the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and the Central Florida Greenway. The average listing price and average selling price of homes here are quite close, at about $133,000 and $130,000, respectively. Whether you’re looking for a top-of-the-line house or a more modest one, you should be able to find an Orlando, Florida house that’s just right.

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