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Carrollton Tx Homes - A Lot of Home for the Money in Carrollton, Texas

carrollton homes for sale

Carrollton’s earliest residents settled there in the mid 1840s. Originally, the town was an agricultural town, growing wheat and cotton. Over the years, the railroad was constructed and shipping of cottonseed, flour, and cattle began to build Carrollton into an active town. Later it became a town known for its gravel as well as for its grains. Since the 1950s, the town began to grow in population more rapidly. Carrollton lies at the intersection of the 114 and 161 freeway interchanges. The latest population estimate is about 130,000. As in many parts of Texas, many of the homes are constructed of brick. Texans love brick; it is the norm to have a brick home and a nice green lawn in Texas. People do not seem to mind cutting the grass there. Carrollton has had the distinction of being ranked number 19 on a list of the Best Small Cities to Live In, by Money Magazine. This is because it has a central location, within driving distance of its big city neighbor, Dallas, and there are rail lines, major freeways, industry, good schools and programs for affordable senior living.

Single family homes available for sale now in Carrollton range from a price of $74,900 for a 1630 square foot, three bedroom home to a 5568 square foot, five bedroom home for $929,900. A general rule of thumb for buying that has evolved over the last decade, aside from the rise or fall of home prices due to market factors, is that a good buy is a home priced at less than $100 per square. The lower you can get the price below that hundred dollar mark, the better a deal you possibly. There are a number of homes in Carrollton that are in fact good buys. A 2300 square foot home that is listed for sale at a price of $190,000 is a good buy. It would be classed as a seriously good buy if the price dropped to $180,000 or less. So, for any home you consider buying in Carrollton, do the math based on the price per square foot. This calculation, of course, does not account for any high end appliances or unique factors of the homes being considered.

Some of the realtors in Carrollton have been promoting eco-friendly homes, which lie within recycling program areas. Such homes and areas are a part of a recycle program that all the residents take part in, with the plastics, glass, and paper materials they toss as refuse being channeled into recycled uses. One of these eco-conscious realtors, has a phenomenally good deal on a home now listed. It is on Trinity Springs Drive, has over 1700 square feet of living space, a swimming pool, brick fireplace, double garage, three bedrooms and two baths. This home has a completely brick exterior, nice lawn and is for sale for just $126,000. This price is just about $72 per square foot and thus qualifies as a great bargain. Homes with some acreage are in abundance; after all, this is Texas, the state where land is king and there is a lot of it. If you are looking for a ranch style home on five acres you will be able to find it with little trouble.

If you are looking for a golf course home, there are a number of them in Carrollton at the higher price ranges, from $300,000 to $500,000, but there are also gems whose patios or backyards front on the golf course for much less. One such home on Via Los Altos has just over 1500 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 2 baths for just $117,900. If you love golf, that is a fairly low price for a home at the edge of a course. As an added bonus, it has a fireplace and double car garage.

There are a number of new home developments in Carrollton, as the population continues to grow. (The popular web site, Woot.com, has its headquarters in Carrollton.) One of the premier neighborhoods developed in recent years is Castle Hills. This community of 2500 acres has homes from $260,000 to over $2 million. The streets are well lit, and there are parks, lakes, bike and hiking trails. Other developments nearby also feature such amenities, with energy efficient appliances and the best of building materials incorporated into the designs. Carrollton is without a doubt on the road to more growth and thus greater home values in the years to come. The time to buy is now.

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