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Homes For Sale In Spain - Homes for sale in Spain: bargains, places, web sites, & a bit of reading

houses for sale spain

There are great bargains to be found in some areas of Spain. In less than five minutes online, I found a villa in Oria, Almeria, Spain, in the Andalucian region. The villa has four double bedrooms, with two full bathrooms and kitchen, both tile floored, and a fire place. The villa is set on 15,110 m2 plot, surrounded by fields, almond trees and olive trees. The roof is tile and the home was built in 2008. It has a remarkable price of just 159,000 Euros ($196,836.80). This is an astonishing price, really, for a home of quality and spaciousness. There are homes for much less if you buy in smaller towns away from the cosmopolitan areas.

If you wish to live abroad, then Spain is a good choice. There are a number of things to consider. If you already have a good command of Spanish, then you will do well. If not, there are many language schools everywhere and the people are friendly and helpful when you make the effort to learn. Julius Caesar was reputed to have said he would rather be first in an Iberian village than second in Rome. That tells you a lot about the pleasure of living in Spain. Buying a home in Spain, like buying a home anywhere, means that you have to do your homework: investigate the real estate market thoroughly. Get the details on the different regions of Spain. You will need to know the cost of living, the availability of medical services, and the opportunities for business and work activities. You will also need to know the procedures for getting a work, business, or retirement visa. There are visas which allow you to stay for 182 days (six months) so that you must leave for some days before returning for another six months. You might consider living six months in Spain and six months in France; that is one option.

At any rate, real estates web sites such as Viviun and Ired have numerous properties listed for sale in all areas of Spain. Some expatriate web sites will give you information on the character of life in these different areas. If you want and love night life and crowds of people from many different countries, you might enjoy the Baleric Islands, just off Valencia, in the Mediterranean. If you prefer the quiet country life, the Andalucian and northern Spain regions are the place to buy. Sunshine Property, found through the Ired site, offers a number of rural homes in the Granada province. The Barcelona and Madrid areas are quite expensive, but if you are going to Spain as an executive of a company or an employee earning a considerable income, then the city life will be affordable and immensely stimulating. There are distinguished universities and museums in both these international cities. The bull fights, flamenco dances, and architectural wonders of these cities will be unforgettable experiences.

Just as in the United States, buying real estate requires contract negotiation and money transaction with intermediaries such as the escrow companies we have here, and the agents and the property owner offering the property for sale. As in any real estate purchase, one can always offer less than the asking price and better terms than are initially offered. The space of homes and lands are measured in meters, so be prepared to do the conversion from square feet and acres that you are accustomed to, so that you have a realistic idea of how much space is being offered. Many homes in Spain have stone fireplaces, timber supported roofs, and tiled floors throughout. These features add to the durability and attractiveness of the homes, as well as the resale prices.

As a part of buying a home in Spain, it would be a good idea to read a few books on Spanish culture, especially those written by expatriates who have experienced Spain as a second culture. Culture Shock by Marie Louis Graff is a good start, followed by Living and Working in Spain, by David Hampshire. Both of these books cover a myriad of issues for newcomers to Spain, such as socializing, lifestyles, domestic help, food, transportation, taxes, business dealings, law and order, education and Spanish etiquette. A touch of the history of Spain (Spain: A History, by Raymond Carr) might add fullness to a life in Spain, should you decide to buy that villa I described in the first paragraph.

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