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Laguna Niguel Ca Homes - Laguna Niguel, CA Homes Are Not for the Budget-Minded

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Laguna Niguel is a city with a population of 61,891 and is located on the south end of Orange County, California. It lies on the base of the San Joaquin Hills and is also near to Laguna Beach. Laguna Niguel began as a planned community by the Laguna Niguel Corporation in 1959, but it was not officially incorporated into the county until 1989. The city occupies 13.8 square miles and is half-way between Los Angeles and San Diego.

The majority of Laguna Niguel, CA homes are single-family houses and condos. The city itself is primarily residential and recreational. Over a third of Laguna Niguel’s 13.8 square miles is zoned as open space. This open space includes 2 community parks, 2 county parks, Laguna Niguel Regional Park, a community swimming pool, and 22 neighborhood parks.

The school district that serves families with children in Laguna Niguel is the Capistrano Unified School District. Six of the district’s elementary schools and one middle school are within the city. Older students go to one of two high schools in Aliso Viejo and Dana Point. For higher learning opportunities, 20,000 students are enrolled at Saddleback Community College nearby.

As of 2000, the 61,891 residents of Laguna Niguel comprised 23,217 households. Housing stood at 23,885 units, leaving a surplus of 668 units. By race, the population is 83.50% white, 10.38% Latino, 7.73% Asian, 3.62% mixed, 3.48% other, 1.25% African-American, and 0.41% Native American and Pacific Islander.

Laguna Niguel, CA homes are mostly in the high-end of the spectrum. Even though some houses and condominiums can be found in the low $200,000 range, the median listing price of Laguna Niguel, CA homes is around $875,000, with many homes selling for $2 million or more. The average price per square foot lingers somewhere in the range of $300 per square foot.

Laguna Niguel, CA homes are located in one of several neighborhoods, some of which are very upscale.

• Beacon Hill – Homes here are privy to great views of the ocean, sunset, and city lights. The Beacon Hill community encompasses 1000 homes and has exclusive tennis courts, pools, and spas.

• Bear Brand – This is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods for Laguna Niguel, CA homes. Houses, town-houses, and condominiums are in the area.

• Coronado Pointe – Located at one of the highest locations in the city, this gated community features some of the nicest homes in the area.

• Crest De Ville – Crest De Ville is about two miles from the ocean and is also close to resorts and nature trails. The community features its own recreation center.

• El Niguel – This community overlooks the golf course. It is near the beach, the mall, and two freeways for easy access.

• Hillcrest Estates – Hillcrest Estates offers huge residential estates overlooking Saddleback Valley.

• Kite Hill – Kite Hill is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the city. Their clubhouse and recreation center is one of the most luxurious in the area.

• Laguna Heights – This community is near the ocean. It includes a variety of home styles resting on rolling hills.

• Laguna Sur – Laguna Sur overlooks the coastline. This gated community features all of the amenities one would expect of the area.

• Laguna Woods – Laguna Woods homes were designed by Chris Abel with open floor plans, exposed beams, vaulted ceilings, and lots of windows. It is next to the El Niguel Country Club.

• Links Pointe – This gated community is on the El Niguel Golf Course.

• Marina Hills – This community is nicknamed “The Jewel of South County.” It features 1,538 houses, several parks, and a large recreation center.

• Monarch Point – Estates here are in Tuscan, French, and Mediterranean designs.

• Niguel Woods – This community is often listed as being private and serene. A city park is within its boundaries.

• Ocean Ranch – This exclusive neighborhood features custom estates and two high-end tract developments.

• Pacesetter – This family community is in one of the best locations in the city.

• Pacific Island Village – Pacific Island Villagers private and peaceful, with beautiful hills and valleys.

• San Joaquin Hills – A private community with 1,430 homes.

• South Peak – South Peak is located near the St. Regis and Ritz Carlton resorts.

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