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Lakewood Co Homes - Lakewood, CO Homes and Neighborhoods

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Lakewood, Colorado is generally thought of as a suburb of Denver, but in all fairness, it is has to be considered a city in its own right. In 2000, Lakewood had a population of 144,126 people comprising 60,531 households. This makes Lakewood the fourth largest city in the state and the largest in Jefferson County. Although Lakewood was begun as a community in 1889, it was not officially incorporated has a city until 1969, when 90,000 people already lived there.

Lakewood, CO homes are considered to be in one of the most prestigious and beautiful areas of the state. Downtown Denver is only a 15 minute drive east, and the Colorado Rockies are just to the west. Being so close to the Rockies has its benefits in the winter months when skiing is available only 45 minutes away at Loveland ski area. Several major highways and roadways accommodate the residents of the city, making Lakewood homes easy to get to. Many Lakewood home owners work in Denver. Downtown is easily reached via the 6th Avenue Freeway, while the Denver Tech Center is reached from I-25, and Colfax Avenue leads to the Denver West Business Park. Additionally, Denver International Airport is only 30 miles from Lakewood. Even closer, however, is the Denver Bronco’s stadium, just 5 miles distant.

42.5 square miles of space give plenty of room for Lakewood, CO homes and there is no shortage of homes in the area. At any given time, an average of 1,500 homes are up for sale in Lakewood. Unfortunately, Lakewood has not been immune to the housing glut that has hit the entire country, so up to one-third of these homes are foreclosures. The average home price is about $215,000 and is slowly creeping up to the $220,000 range. The price per square foot averages at $142. Condominiums are also available in Lakewood, and they average around $152,000. The price range for Lakewood, CO homes is wide. On the low end, a fixer-upper can be found for not less than $47,000, while high-end homes go for upwards of $4 million.

Even though crime is slightly above the national average, most Lakewood, CO homes are considered to be in very safe neighborhoods. Weather is temperate with a July average of 85.8 F and a January average of 12.7 F. The average household income of Lakewood is $68,627, and the area is becoming more affluent each year. This income has increased by 79% since 1990 and 26% from 2000. Sales tax is on the high side at 7.6%.

Lakewood residents enjoy an above-average school system that includes 26 elementary schools that rate between 7 and 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. Ten middle schools and 12 high schools are also part of the district.

Lakewood, CO homes are found in one of several named neighborhoods. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in the city are Green Mountain, Kendrick Lake, Foothills, Applewood, and Belmar Park. Homes in these areas are generally valued above the city average.

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