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Florence Homes For Sale - How to Find Florence, Oregon Homes for Sale

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Currently, 760 homes, both new and old, are on the market in Florence, Oregon. Over, 55 homes are in pre-foreclosure or foreclosure currently. The average Florence home for sale is listed at $308,859. The price is 0.5 percent lower than normal. Florence homes for sale have decreased by 35 percent in the year 2010. The median sales price for homes was $161,438 based on 26 home sales last year. The median sales price decreased by 21.2 percent or $43,562 from last year’s figures. The average price per square foot is $129. This amount decreased by 18.4 percent from last year’s figures.

Florence, Oregon is a beach community. Residents of the area can be found camping in the Florence Dunes, touring the Umpqua Light House or Heceta Head Light House, visiting the Darlingtonia Californi Botanical Garden, and visiting the Siuslaw Pioneer Musuem. Visitors and residents alike also enjoy viewing the sea lions. Florence is a small town that has a few pubs, such as the Beachcomber Tavern, that stay open late. The beach is the main attraction in Florence. Residents may enjoy local beach activities or travel to surrounding areas. Some of the nearby cities include Mapleton, Westlake, Swisshome, Winchester Bay, Reedsport, and Yachats.

Florence unemployment rate is 9.5 percent currently. Most of the individuals in Florence are employed in education, health, and social services. There are nearly 22.9 percent of people employed in these professions. Arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation, and food services account for 19.9 percent of people employed in Florence, Oregon. Retail accounts for 16.1 percent of the employed population in Florence, Oregon. The majority of people who live in Florence have less than a 15 minute commute to work.

The median age of the inhabitants of Florence, Oregon is 59. The average household income is nearly $37,000 per year. According to the 2000 census, there were 7,263 people living in Florence. Recent estimates suggest 8,328 inhabitants. The area has not grown much in population since 2000. The number does not suggest significant job growth in the area. In fact, the recent job growth only increased by 0.1 percent. The unemployment rate is 5.4 percent currently. However, experts expect the future job growth to increase to 19.3 percent.

Florence homes for sale may be a good buy since the homes are significantly below home values. Beach front property is always desired by home investors. Currently, because of the economic crisis individuals can find a home relatively inexpensive. Many of the homes are ranch style homes. Some have multiple levels, some do not. The majority of the homes for sale were built after the 1970s. The two bedrooms, two bathroom homes are generally listed between $180,000 and $195,000. Florence is a small town, but appeals to individuals who would like to retire or those who just simply appreciate small town atmosphere.

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