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Houston Home Builders - How to Select Houston Home Builders

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Houston home builders are facing a challenge, since the number of home sales has declined nearly 27.1 percent. The average price per square foot for a home in Houston, TX was $54. This number decreased by 1.8 percent from 2009 figures. The median home sales price is $77,000 based upon 239 home sales. Currently, there are 19,800 homes for sale in Houston, according to Trulia, and 5,780 Houston homes are in foreclosure. With the number of Houston homes on the market, Houston home builders are not generating the amount of new work that they have in the past.

Houston home builders specialize in custom homes, green homes, and luxury homes. Rohe and Wright is ranked as the 14th largest Houston home builder, according to Houston’s Business Journal. This list was compiled based upon the amount of revenue generated for the area. They managed to generate $22.7 million in revenue in 2009. This number represents 30 homes that closed. Number one on the list was McGuyer Homebuilders. This Houston home builder managed to generate $325.7 million in revenue in 2009. The number represented 1280 homes that closed.

McGuyer Home Builders generates its revenue by producing green homes. These homes possess energy efficient windows, heating and cooling units, insulation, and green items. The company builds homes ranging in price from the low $100,000s to $1,000,000 custom homes. The average cost of home was $270,000. However, the most expensive home sold was $1.75 million. Annually, they typically build 3,000 single family homes. However, due to economic despair across the nation, that number has dwindled. The company builds homes under the names of Coventry Homes, Carmel Homes, Pioneer Homes, and Plantation Homes. Not only do they build in Houston, but they also build homes in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.

Perry Homes is the second largest Houston home builder. They generate $310.8 million in revenue in 2009 with over 1100 homes built. This number was not far behind the number one producer registering at $325.7 million in revenue. The average home price was $279,000. However, the most expensive home was $800,000. Last year, Perry Homes built in 38 different communities. Their most popular community was Lakeshore development. In 2010, Perry homes expect to build 1,200 units.

Several home builders Houston communities employ were able to make over 100 million in home sales last year. The third largest candidate in terms of revenue is David Weekly Homes. Last year, this Houston home builder was able to generate $233 million in home sales. These home sales equated to 798 single family homes sold. Cinco Ranch was their most popular community for new home sales. The most expensive home sold for over $1.2 million. However, the average home sold for $292,303 in 2009. This builder plans to complete 880 units in 2010.

In 2010, our number one home builder expects to complete fewer units than last year. However, the revenue generated will only be evident in next year’s report. Perry Homes expects to build 100 more units in 2010, than in 2009. Again, revenue generated will only be evident when the new report is released. David Weekly Homes also expects to build 100 more units in 2010. Some of the homebuilders expect to generate more work, while others are declining. Time will tell how this affects the home building market overall in 2010.

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