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Dade County Property Appraiser - How to Select or Become a Dade County Property Appraiser

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A Dade County property appraiser is responsible for estimating the value of a property. This process often occurs before a property is sold, insured, developed, taxed or mortgaged. A Dade County property appraiser assesses the value of other homes in the neighborhood, takes into affect any environmental concerns that may affect the property, and other improvements that have been made to the property. Appraisers may also take pictures of the property in order to have physical record of the property when they return to the office to make final appraisal of the building or home. Items, such as the location, comparable home sales, view, income potential, and previous home sales have all been taken into account.

The following types of properties may be appraised:

• Commercial properties, such as stores and hotels
• Residential properties, such as 1 to 4 family residences

A Dade County property appraiser spends significant time researching and writing reports. The appraiser may often make use of wireless internet and complete a majority of the report writing on site. This process allows property appraisers to provide accurate results, while still on site. Residential appraisers spend more time in the field and can typically complete an appraisal report within a business day. Commercial appraisers spend a majority of their time in the office. Some commercial reports may take as long as several weeks to complete depending upon the size of the property and the complexity of the property. Appraisers must closely analyze these properties to develop an accurate assessment of the property’s value. Companies, such as banks and mortgage companies, often hire their own staff of appraisers.

A Dade County property appraiser must be a Certified General Real Property Appraiser in order to appraise any type of property. These individuals must possess a bachelor’s degree before actually obtaining their certification. They must also obtain 300 hours of training within a classroom, in addition to, 3,000 hours of work experience. From 2006 to 2016, the profession is expected to grow by 5 percent. A Dade County property appraiser can expect to earn between $33,340 and $88,680. The average wages for a property appraiser are over $47,000 per year.

Miami Dade property appraisers have noted significant decline in residential and commercial property values in 2010. In 2010, the total taxable value of all property in Miami Dade was $192,484,000,000. In 2009, the value was $222,141,817,140. The values decreased by 13.4 percent in 2010. The new construction value is $2,626,000,000 compared to $8,379,000,000 in the previous year. Again, the property values have shown a significant decrease in value.

Florida Legislature recently passed a law that affects those who escaped taxation and may be faced with retroactive taxes. These individuals will be receiving relief when the law goes into effect. Those who need to file tax exemption paperwork may now visit several satellite offices with new Saturday hours. These forms are provided complimentary to the residents of Miami Dade.

Foreclosed properties are of particular importance currently. Each year, properties should be assessed. Foreclosed properties purchase costs may not reflect the actual value of the home. Be aware that an additional appraisal is required to assess property taxes for those who purchased foreclosed properties.

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