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Virginia Beach Condos - All About Virginia Beach Condos

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Virginia Beach is one of the best known and most popular vacation beaches in the United States. Located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, this resort city has the longest unbroken beach in the world and miles more besides. Virginia Beach is also the biggest city in the state with a population of 440,415. Besides the beach, the city also has several historic sites, many state parks, and is the home to three military bases and two universities. In addition, numerous corporations make the city their headquarters. All of these reasons have spawned a high demand for Virginia Beach condos.

Many people buy condos for the sole purpose of making them their primary residence. Other people who have bought Virginia Beach condominiums do so to use as a vacation home for themselves. Many others use them as an investment, renting them weekly or monthly to the throngs of vacationers and visitors to the area. For those on vacation, renting a private condominium offers the most comfortable setting. Although a Virginia Beach condo will cost more than a standard hotel room, the condo offers more privacy, space, and amenities.

Amenities of a Virginia Beach oceanfront condo can be found for the enjoyment of every member of a family. The unit will usually have a minimum of two bedrooms with a pull-out sofa in the living room. The condo will also have a full kitchen with full-size appliances. Often, they have a washing machine and clothes dryer, too. Other amenities include balconies with ocean views, indoor and outdoor pools, hot tubs, spas, and fitness centers. Condos close to the Virginia Beach boardwalk offer a great space for walking, jogging, bicycling and skating.

Although many communities in the area offer condo rentals, Virginia Beach condos are among the most varied. Some can be extremely luxurious (and expensive), while others can be simplistic yet unique. Attractions near Virginia Beach include Cape Henry Lighthouse, First Landing State Park, and the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.

Other locations to find Virginia Beach condos include the following:

• Chesapeake Area – This area is in the South Hampton Roads. Besides condos, vacationers can choose from one of the many chain hotels. Nearby is the Chesapeake Arboretum.

• Newport News Area – Newport News is on the southwestern portion of the Virginia Beach peninsula. This area is popular for history tourists and those seeking parks such as King-Lincoln Park and Newport News Park. The Lee Hall Train depot is in this area, and many history tourists visit the Virginia War Museum. Besides Virginia Beach condos, visitors can rent rooms or suites in one of the vacation resorts or hotels.

• Hampton Area – Hampton in on the border of Chesapeake Bay and offers a convenient location for those visiting the Langley Air Force Base. This is also home to the Virginia Air and Space Center. For relaxing, Hampton offers the Sandy Bottom Nature Park. The Virginia Beach boardwalk is only a short drive away. Although the standard hotels and suites are offered, this is a good area in which to seek a Virginia Beach condo.

Whichever area you decide upon, the best way to locate a specific Virginia Beach condo to suit your needs is to go through a local realtor. Virginia Beach real estate companies are made to cater to vacationers. They are not only to purchase a home, like in other areas. By telling the realtor exactly what your needs are, they will match you up with the perfect Virginia Beach condo.

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