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Lake County Property Appraiser - Services of the Lake County Property Appraiser

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Real estate appraisers are an important part of buy, selling, and maintaining homes in the United States. It is their job to determine the value of structures and land for the purposes of establishing a selling price, determining a mortgage amount, and assessing property tax. They type of structures and land appraised can be anything from a single-family home to a shopping mall. Land can be an empty field, a forest, or a farm. Appraisers use their knowledge of buildings’ unique features, structure condition, and characteristics of the surrounding area to come up with an estimated dollar figure for the property.

Appraisers work one-on-one with individuals according to their specialty. Most counties have a different set of appraisers for commercial and residential properties. The Lake County Property Appraiser is responsible for not only each of the 140,000 parcels of land in the county, but all the buildings on them. This land includes several thousand acres of farm and citrus land and open pastures for over 28,000 accounts. It is also the job of the Lake County Property Appraiser to administer homestead exemptions (over 65,000 in number) and to determine other tax exemptions such as those for religious and educational institutions. They are also responsible for administering personal exemptions, including those for widows/widowers and the disabled.

The Lake County Property Appraiser likes to remind everyone in the jurisdiction that they do not create real estate values. It is simply their legal duty to discover the value as it exists in the current marketplace. If a question arises as to the value of property, the Lake County Property Appraiser can be challenged by the owner, but some form of supporting evidence and an official petition will be required with any claim for rediscovery.

It is also the job of the Lake County Property Appraiser to assess the value of property in the county. This differs from appraisal in that the value is determined by formula and given to a neighborhood of properties. Appraisal is strictly a one-on-one affair. Assessments are applied by the office on January 1st of every year. Increases are limited by the Florida Save Our Homes plan to a 3% increase over the previous year, with the exception of land having newly built construction.

The Lake County Property Appraiser has two locations in the County:

Main Office
320 W. Main Street
P.O. Box 1027
Tavares, FL 32778-1027
Phone: 352-253-2150
Fax: 352-253-2155

Lady Lake Office
902 Avenida Central
The Villages, FL 32159
Phone: 352-750-4545
Fax: 352-750-2796

The Lake County Property Appraiser also maintains a website where residents or property owners can download forms, read appraisal-related news, seek employment, search for properties, or search for sales of property. In addition, they provide an easy-to-use tax estimator tool for current or future homeowners that works for all municipalities and unincorporated areas of the county.

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