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Charlotte Commercial Real Estate - Where to find Charlotte commercial real estate

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Charlotte is one of the fast growing industrial markets in the Southeast, as more and more businesses move into the Uptown area. Central Charlotte is not the only place where business growth is evident, though. The city has actually seen something of an expansion as of late, which means that people looking for Charlotte commercial real estate can find it for miles on end. So where are some of the best places to find Charlotte commercial real estate today? It all starts with the Interstate 485 corridor, which continues to expand both residentially and commercially.

Some of the best Charlotte commercial real estate opportunities are available just to the south of the city, around the Ballentine area. There are industrial parks going up there, and people who want solid Charlotte commercial real estate opportunities can get good prices and nice spaces in that area. Providence Road is one place that has seen a resurgence of sorts, so it must be your starting place if you are looking for the top choices in Charlotte commercial real estate. Additionally, one will want to look toward Concord on the other side of Charlotte, as this too has grown to become a center of industry.

As Charlotte continues to get larger, it is apparent that it will continue to expand in all directions. There are quite a few areas that stand to see growth in Charlotte commercial real estate, so keep those places in mind as you make your choices over the next few months. Don’t think that you have to just resign yourself to searching in Charlotte. The city has become a broad place over the last decade, and many of the top Charlotte commercial real estate opportunities are located a short drive from the major Uptown center.

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