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Hayward is a city located in Alameda County, California. With a population of 151,300, it is the sixth-largest city in the San Francisco Bay area. It rests on the eastern shore of the bay and is the home of the east-end of the San Mateo Bridge. Hayward officially became a city in California in 1876 under the name Haywards. Before that it had been known as Hayward’s, then Haywood. The current name was settled upon in 1910. The city has steadily grown since then due to tourism and the agricultural industry. In the 1950s it became a haven to a large population of Asian-Americans.

Today, the city has 44,802 households in 45,922 housing units. The housing market is balanced due to the number of unoccupied homes. The median household income is $51,177. Hayward was one of the hardest hit areas from the U.S. housing glut. While the market holds 300 to 400 homes for sale in good standing, foreclosures have been steadily around 1,800 homes. The average listing price stays around $380,000, while the median sales price is $280,000. This works out to $259 per square foot.

Those listing Hayward homes for sale, mark the location of the city as its greatest asset. It is centrally located in the Bay area with Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco all being only minutes away. It is also near all three international airports located in these three major cities. Three prominent rail lines travel through the city, and residents are served by I-880, I-580, State Hwy 238, and State Hwy 92. Public transportation consists of bus lines and high-speed rail lines run by CalTrain and Amtrak.

Job markets in Hayward are very diverse. 2,500 acres are devoted to over 40 industrial and business center. Industrial activities include light and heavy manufacturing, distribution, sales, and research. Business-to-business sales are also a major source of the economy of the city. The retail market supports several auto sales companies as well as furniture, appliances, and home electronics. The major shopping center of the city is the Southland Mall.

The Hayward downtown area is loved by Hayward home owners for its Saturday farmer’s market and festivals throughout the year, including the Celebration of Nations, the Blues Festival, and the Art and Wine Festival. Parks and natural resources are also an important part of the community of Hayward. There are also many recreational centers that include swimming, tennis, rodeo, hiking and biking trails, and an 18-hole golf course, Skywest.

Hayward has an educational system that can take students from elementary school, through high school, and on to institutions of higher learning. When looking for Hayward homes for sale, education cannot be ignored for those who have or are planning to have children. Chabot is a community college in the city and California State University at Hayward also operates inside city limits. Many programs are available to put people through advanced job training and placement into positions already available within the city. Primary education is served by the Hayward Unified School District, which is comprised of over 23,000 students in 38 public schools.

Homes for sales in Hayward, CA include condominiums, single-family houses, and townhomes. 64% of the housing available in the city is for private ownership. Neighborhoods range from older, inexpensive neighborhoods, to quiet avenues, and on to the elegance of Hayward Hills.

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