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Pleasanton Ca Homes - Buying Homes in Pleasanton, CA

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Pleasanton is located in Alameda County, California. It is considered a suburb of Oakland, located 25 miles to the west. In 2007, the estimated population of the city was 66,544. Pleasanton is known for its well-to-do residents, having been named the “wealthiest middle-sized city in the U.S.” multiple times by the United States Census Bureau. This is a far cry from its original nickname, dating back to 1850, as “The Most Desperate Town in the West.” Pleasanton was officially incorporated in 1894.

There are 23,968 homes in Pleasanton, CA, and 23,311 households. The desirability of living in the city has left few open homes for sale on the market. The number of homes for sale stays in the range of 350 to 400, and the median price usually stays between $600K and $650K. The price per square foot is around $327. The U.S. housing dilemma has hit the city hard, with 50% of homes for sale due to foreclosure. The foreclosure listings, however, continue to fluctuate. The market in Pleasanton has created a situation in which the listing price of homes for sale is greatly inflated over what the sellers are willing to accept. Even though the average home sells for $625K, the average listing price is over $1 million.

Residents say they chose the city primarily for its ability to retain the character of a small town amidst such an urban center. The downtown area is quaint and hosts a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, specialty boutiques, and antique shops. Both residents and visitors alike make it a point to hit the downtown area as frequently as possible. Downtown also serves as the venue of a street party each month, known as the First Wednesday celebration.

Outside of downtown, Pleasanton is a vibrant, modern city. It is home to the Stoneridge Mall and one of the largest business centers in the West, Hacienda Business Park. Both national corporations and local businesses make the business park their headquarters. Tenants there include Sun Microsystems, Oracle, AT&T, and Robert Half. Other major corporations headquartered in Pleasanton include Safeway, Inc., Ross Stores, and financial giant, Providian.

Owners of Pleasanton, CA homes enjoy the proximity to major local events in the city such as the Alameda County Fair, running from late June into July each year. Other events include The Good Guys classic car show and several boat shows. Recreational facilities and parks are located throughout the city, the largest of which is the Pleasanton Sports Park, comprised of more than 28 fields for both children’s and adult outdoors activities and sports.

Pleasanton, CA is served by the Pleasanton unified school district. First established in 1867. It now educates more than 15,000 students in 9 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, and 2 high schools. Teachers in the district have an average of 18 years experience, and almost one-third of them have been through graduate school. The district is regarded as one of the finest in the state, with standardized test results being far above state averages.

There are many different types of homes in Pleasanton, CA. Condominiums and townhomes remain popular choices at one end, while tract homes comprise much of the middle-income housing. At the other end of the spectrum are an array of high-priced luxury homes and mansions. Some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city are Ruby Hill, West Pleasanton Hills, and Golden Eagle Estates. Current owners of Pleasanton, CA homes believe they have made a good investment, and history shows that houses rarely go down in value.

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