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Seabrook Real Estate - Real Estate in Washington’s Best Kept Secret

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Seabrook is a young beach town near Puget Sound in Washington State. Building began in 2004 on a hill overlooking the ocean, and despite harsh economic times in the rest of the United States, Seabrook’s home sales have flourished, and have experienced neither a foreclosure nor a short sale in the last eighteen months. Homes at Seabrook are all sold before they are built and require ten percent earnest money before construction begins.
This, coupled with the fact that over half of all homes are rental properties, has proved to be an excellent strategy in protecting this new town from the current housing crisis.

Usually, beach towns begin with waterfront homes being constructed and a town following thereafter. However, the owners of Seabrook did things exactly the opposite. Before any waterfront real estate was built in Seabrook, Seabrook Land Company constructed 100 homes and stores in the village center, with parks and recreation areas scattered throughout. Building of waterfront homes only began in July of 2008, four years after construction of Seabrook began.

The village has been designed to be walking and biking friendly, with trails to the village from homes outside of it. Seabrook’s mission is to provide homes at any price point while constructing a town that is environmentally conscious, with eighty percent of its building supplies procured from surrounding areas. Homes at Seabrook range between $190,000 to $3 million dollars, and locals wishing to start up a business can receive grants from the Seabrook Foundation, which collects one percent of all home sales for just this purpose. Future plans include not only two more villages, but also an organic farm.

Seabrook provides all the qualities of a resort style community, while still keeping in mind its economic and environmental footprint. It is truly Washington’s best kept secret.

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