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Corona California Real Estate - Affordable Real Estate in Corona California

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Corona California is located in Riverside County, approximately 45 miles inland from the Oceanside and San Diego beach communities. Corona boasts a typically warm climate, since it is located in the semi-arid region of the Southern California desert.

Corona, California features a many affordable real estate options that begin with mid, to low cost housing and apartments within the City’s immediate suburbs. In addition, the market has listings for luxury homes, which are reasonably priced when compared to similar property in Orange and Los Angeles counties.

Overall the residential housing market has listings for 2 and 3 bedroom, single family homes in tract developments. In addition Corona real estate has a number of short sale residential properties that can be accessed through local Realtors and the Real Estate Board.

Developed commercial real estate property is priced noticeably lower than neighboring San Diego County and as a result, many coastal businesses have found attractive lease arrangement that facilitated moving their base of operations inland to Corona, California.

Business and commercial parks are home to a range of businesses from land development to financial and clerical services. Numerous shopping centers in Corona feature the largest chains of clothing, accessories, appliances and electronics. Names like Home depot, Target, Ross and Best Buy have stores at convenient locations throughout Corona and the neighboring suburbs.

There are popular freeway systems that serve commuters and travelers that are connecting to downtown Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as several points inland such as Barstow, Victorville and Las Vegas. Because of it’s location, Corona California’s real estate market has many reasonably priced homes, apartments and business offices for sale and for lease.

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