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California Real Estate School - Choosing a California Real Estate School

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As in any state, there are options in getting the training and licensing to sell real estate. In California, aspiring real estate sales agents and brokers can take the required coursework either in real world classes or in cyberspace with online programs. The largest and most known schools are Anthony and Lumbleau. Branch locations of both of these training and educational companies can be found with an internet search. They provide, at reasonable fees, both the classes and the preparation for the state licensing tests. Of course, there is an extensive list of other California real estate schools one can attend. The material studied does not vary too much from school to school, so the potential student’s best plan is to go with the school with the lowest fee for the most assistance provided.

There is yet another possible path to California real estate school: some realty companies offer coursework through their own offices or help with the cost of the training. Usually such plans involve a promise that the student join the company after receiving the sales license. The courses are often free if the student agrees to work for the sponsoring company for a period of time. All one need do is drop in and inquire about the program, and information on the next planned start date is given. Some classes are held in the sales office conference rooms and on completion, the student who passes the state test and earns a license is expected to join the company sales force. If the new agent decides to work for another company instead, then the cost of the training classes is required to be paid. Only three courses are required to take the sales agent licensing test: Real Estate Principles,
Real Estate Practice, and Real Estate Finance / Escrow.

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