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Paradise Valley Arizona Real Estate

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The real estate industry is booming in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Check any realty site for Paradise Valley, Arizona real estate and you’re going to be impressed by the wide array of properties and pricing that you find.

This is perhaps because the climate is nearly perfect and the sun usually shines in Paradise Valley, but that’s just part of the draw.

Paradise Valley lies about 9 miles from Phoenix. The town is a beautiful setting, but that’s not all that it has going for it. Camelback Mountain and Mummy mountain give it the picturesque backdrop. The property values too make Paradise Valley remarkably in demand. The median income for Paradise Valley Arizona is more than twice that of all the surrounding areas. That difference means the property values too are higher.

In addition to these factors, Paradise Valley is nearly exclusively residential areas. Most of the town is one zoned residential and most of the lots that you will find at an acre at the bare minimum. Paradise Valley doesn’t allow for housing units, apartments, condos and other multiple residential areas.

Commerce attempting to come into the area must receive a special use permit after rigorous investigation and hearings in front of the Planning commission. This means that most of the commerce you will find is healthy and wholesome, such as resorts, health care institutions, and private schools, as well as golf courses and other more upscale type of commerce.

Paradise Valley, Arizona real estate is in great demand because of the strict residential requirements and because the area is quiet and pleasant, lending itself well to family life.

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