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Postcards Real Estate - Using Postcards for Real Estate Open Houses

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When you are selling a house, you will get more offers and a better price when you get more people to view the house. Getting a lot of people to come out to the open house can be especially helpful. By using postcards, real estate open houses can attract more visitors and buyers.

Choose Your List

You can buy mailing lists by region, or even by neighborhood. The biggest problem you have is finding people who are currently looking to buy a house. You may have a list already of people who are actively looking for a house. Be sure to include them in any real estate postcards mailing.

You may also be able to team up with other agents who have buyers looking for a home. Since both the selling agent and the buying agent make a commission, this is a smart use of teamwork.

Finally, go ahead and send postcards for real estate open houses out to the neighborhood. Curious neighbors may jump at the opportunity to check out the open house, and more bodies at your open house will help to drive the price up.

One other group of people to consider sending postcards out to are those living in apartments. You probably know which apartments attract young couples. Send postcards for real estate open houses to them. Getting an invitation to one of your open houses may be the encouragement they need to look for a new home.

Follow Through

Postcards for real estate can really work, but you have to stick with them. Send them out for each of your open houses. Customize them with the picture of the house that you are selling and make the open house sound inviting to all.

Send postcards out to your active list, the neighbors, and a list of prospects every time. If a house gets discounted, send a second round of postcards. Real estate is a competitive business, so get in the game and add some postcard marketing to your mix.

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