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As the second largest economy in New York State and ranked as the sixth most livable U.S. city (of 379 metropolitan areas ranked by the 2007 edition of Places Rated Almanac), it is not surprising that real estate in Rochester NY has remained fairly steady in these difficult economic times.

Rochester NY real estate offerings number over 6,000 MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings for single family homes at any given time. With listing prices ranging from $3,500 to $3.5 million, Rochester NY real estate has the potential to accommodate any home buyer’s budget.

A multitude of international real estate companies and an even larger number of local companies ensure that nearly 1,000 Realtors are available to assist current and future Rochesterians with their buying and selling needs. Searching for available properties is simplified with Homesteadnet.com, a Greater Rochester Association of Realtors website dedicated to Rochester real estate. There, buyers and sellers enter parameters for their home search and are presented with available properties and information. In some cases, photographs and virtual tours assist home buyers in narrowing their search before actually visiting a property.

Though Rochester NY, generally referred to as the “World’s Image Center”, is sometimes overlooked, it boasts a diverse group of national, international and endemic businesses and corporations and a number of prestigious colleges. The area is rich in culture, entertainment and opportunities for individuals and families.

Despite national real estate trends, the Rochester NY real estate market has remained fairly steady. From 2008 to 2009, Rochester NY saw no change in the number of homes listed, and the number of closings in 2008 was virtually unchanged in 2009 with only a $1,000 decrease in the median sale price of homes. Rochester NY real estate is expected to continue on this steady path.

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