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Real Estate Fort Lauderdale Florida - Finding Great Homes in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Located near Miami and across the state from the beautiful Naples and high-end Marco Island, Fort Lauderdale has much to offer home-seeking buyers wanting more affordable options. For commuters working in Miami or even Naples, Fort Lauderdale offers great opportunities for commuters especially seeking to purchase a home that will not break the bank.

If you are searching for starter homes in Fort Lauderdale, then consider investing in a condo. For only $68,000, you can find great condos on NW Avenue. Because there have also been so many developments in housing laws due to President Obama, you can also get great deals on homes that past owners simply couldn’t afford. You will be able to qualify also for great tax credits if this is your first home purchase. With the new tax credit laws, you can get up to 10% or $8,000 in reimbursements for a first-time home purchase.

If you looking to purchase affordable family homes, there are many neighborhoods offering great deals in Fort Lauderdale. Poinsettia Heights has some great homes for in the $150,00 to $250,000 range. Victoria Park on North Federal Highway also offers a great condominium duplex for people interested in purchasing a family condo. Right now, for a great deal, you can purchase a family condo for only $250,000 which is much cheaper than the original $350,000 selling price in 2005. Condos are great for families, because of the building security and amenities that come along with the deal.

Overall, Fort Lauderdale is a wonderful investment for starter or luxury homes, since it is located right near the beach. Things to do in Fort Lauderdale are nearly endless, with golf courses galore and great shopping malls. In addition, if you are a parent seeking great educational opportunities for your children, then you will truly not regret living within the Fort Lauderdale city and community.

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