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Commercial Real Estate Software - Finding the right commercial real estate software

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Searching for software can be confusing and overwhelming. Searching for commercial real estate software can be even more so. There are separate programs to manage your contacts, customers, and properties. Then there are multi-function programs that offer it “all”. Programs to help track and sell commercial real estate, invest in commercial real estate, and commercial property management. And of course, commercial real estate software for your mobile phone. Catylist.com also lists a software program for all mobile phones, not just apps geared towards iphones and Android mobile phones.

When searching for commercial real estate software, it is important to know what your needs and priorities are before you start. When looking for a software program to manage your contacts and customers, start with gorea.com. The REA, Real Estate Assistant, program was written by and for commercial real estate professionals. The software program RealHound tracks contacts, properties, and activities with one seamless system. This commercial real estate program can be found at realhound.com. It is specifically engineered for commercial real estate professionals who specialize in investment property sales, land sales, asset management, and commercial leasing. RealHound is also integrated with the internet to help the commercial real estate professional connected with their contact and property information.

At www.softwareadvice.com you can find commercial real estate software recommendations, reviews, and quotes. Having your needs and priorities defined before you begin your search, while keeping an open mind while help you find the right commercial real estate software for your business.

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