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Riverside California Real Estate - Real Estate in the Gracious Neighborhoods of Riverside, California

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Long time Riverside residents know which are the best neighborhoods. From Canyon Crest to Victoria Avenue to the “Wood” streets, there are well established and beautiful neighborhoods that offer convenient location to shopping, business and schools as well as up scale homes with luxurious style and details. One of the oldest of the neighborhoods is the Wood streets, which run off of Magnolia Avenue, a main thoroughfare of the city. These homes have street names ending in “wood” and many of them were built in the thirties or forties. They have hardwood floors and fireplaces and the styles of those decades. Victoria Avenue is known for the tall, stately palms that line the avenue and lead to homes that are set back on large lawns and drives, with classic styles and large square footage as well as the best of fixtures and landscaping. The Victoria area homes are among the most pricey in Riverside. Many high income professionals, city officials, and business owners live in the beautiful homes off of Victoria Avenue. A third up scale neighborhood is Canyon Crest, that is not far from the University of California campus. The focal point of the crest is the shopping center that rests on the crest. It provides a meeting place for nearby residents who can enjoy the collection of restaurants, coffee shops, and boutique stores at their leisure. Many of the staff of the University dwell here, along with other well educated homeowners such as attorneys, financial planners, designers, and business owners. Canyon Crest offers large custom homes as well as condos and apartments. All of these neighborhoods give a unique personality to the city and a variety of shopping and social opportunities. They are considered prime real estate that will keep their beauty, stability, graciousness and growth in value.

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