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Santa Barbara California Real Estate - Affordable Real Estate in Santa Barbara California

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Many people associate Santa Barbara California with luxurious, Spanish style homes, perched on hillsides that have spectacular ocean vistas. This is understandable, since many homes and residential properties along this line occupy the greater percentage of the hillsides in this enchanting coastal city.

However, in addition to luxury homes, the Santa Barbara real estate market has listings for a number of extremely affordable single family homes, and apartment buildings. Many of these properties are older, meticulously maintained, two and three bedroom, single story houses that reside in any number of pristine neighborhoods, from Summerland at the south, to the University of California at the north.

For buyers and investors, the attraction with Santa Barbara real estate would have to be the possibility of purchasing a great vacation home or rental property, and perhaps even a property that lends itself to conversion as a time share.

Santa Barbara and the State of California have recently completed a billion-dollar upgrade of the section of State Highway 101, that traverses the coast, and brings millions of visitors and tourists to the city every year. The prospect of leasing weekly and monthly housing options to these groups, is only one reason a Santa Barbara Real Estate is attractive.

The commercial real estate market in the city is comprised mainly of 1-year tenant lease contracts, with few lease options being offered. Property owners are currently holding investments, and keeping an eye on the forecast for the next several years.

Santa Barbara California boasts one of the most favorable climates on the West Coast of the United States. The city features parks and outdoor recreation centers in every suburb, and these are home to hundreds of community minded events, concerts and youth sporting events. In addition, the Santa Barbara County Fair remains one of the States most popular gatherings, as it has been since the 1920’s. If one can find the right real estate investment here, it’s likely this house or property will be a lifelong holding.

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