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Temecula California Real Estate - Stretching Your Real Estate Dollars in Temecula, California

square foot homes price

The drop in real estate values has hit the nation, and California has been hit harder than some states. This will be an advantage to the home buyer looking to get the most for the money. The key is to look at the price per square foot. There is an abundance of homes that are 3000 sq. ft. or more that are now on the market. They are the homes that have been foreclosed or are being short sold. Homes listed for sale in California often have the price per square foot noted on the listing information. It is like the unit pricing of food in supermarkets, letting you know which is the better buy. All other things being equal, the best buy is the lowest price per square foot. Many of these larger homes have square foot prices in the $90 to $100 range. This is a real bargain, as opposed to the $125 to $160 per sq. ft. price of homes in the 2000 to 2500 sq. ft. size. The home buyer would be much better off getting more space for less money per square foot. This is the key to stretching your real estate dollars in the land of sunshine, California. You can take your list of features you want along on your home search, looking for that pool, fireplace, or granite counters you want, and you will find what you want, no doubt. But the real bargain hunter will make the final decision based on the square foot price. Realtors who view homes weekly know that the square foot price is a very important factor in value. A wise home buyer can change many things in a home, with remodeling or replacement, easier than changing square footage, so go for the footage at time of purchase.

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