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Like many areas of Southern Florida, Naples, FL has been hurt by the poor housing market.  While housing prices increased dramatically in the mid 2000s, the median sales price has fallen dramatically over the past few years.  While the median sales price appears to have leveled off in Naples, it is less than half what it was three years ago.  Naples also has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.  In February 2010, 1 in every 152 homes received a notice of default. 
Due to the high rate of foreclosures and lowered housing prices, selling a home in Naples, Florida is extremely competitive.  Due to the high level of competition, when selling a home you should use a Naples real estate agent that is experienced and knowledgeable about the Naples real estate market.
Through the use of an experienced Naples real estate agent you will drastically improve your chances of selling your home quickly and for a great price.   The first step that a Naples real estate agent will take in selling your home is determining the fair price for your home.  The Naples real estate agent has access to historical sales data for comparable houses.  Based on that information and on the asking prices for other houses in the area, the Naples real estate agent will be able to find a sales price that is attractive to buyers and will maximize your return. 
A Naples real estate agent will also market your home.  The real estate agent will post notices of your sale on their website and in local newspapers.  If needed, the agent will also hold open houses where interested buyers can visit your home in a relaxing manner.  A Naples real estate agent may also be able to help you stage and repair your home, which will make it more appealing to prospective buyers. 

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