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While the housing market has been negatively affected nationwide, some areas of the country have been much harder hit than others.  One of the hardest hit areas in the country was Fresno, CA.  From early 2004 until early 2007, the median sales price in Fresno swelled from around $200,000 up to over $300,000.  However, since then, the median sales price in Fresno has fallen dramatically.  Today, the median price has appeared to have leveled off and is now around $150,000.
One reason why the median price has fallen is because of the high rate of foreclosure.  Fresno has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the state.  In February of 2010, one in every 167 households in Fresno received a notice of default from their mortgage lender.
Because of the drastically lowered prices and high rate of foreclosure, anyone looking to sell their home in Fresno should hire an experienced Fresno real estate agent.  An experienced Fresno real estate agent will help you sell your home quickly and help you obtain the best possible price. 
One advantage of using a Fresno real estate agent is that they know the market well.  The real estate agent will know how to market your home and what price to offer.  The real estate agent will review other sales in the market to determine what your home is worth, and they will then figure out a price point that maximizes your sale and brings in offers from potential buyers.
The main benefit of using a Fresno real estate agent is that they will properly market your home.  The real estate agent will place your home on their website, place ads in local newspapers, and hold open houses.  The agent will also properly stage your home to make it as aesthetically appealing as possible. 

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