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Real Estate Naples Fl - Buying Condos in Naples, Florida

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Naples is a truly wonderful place to live within Florida. Unlike Miami, Naples is a smaller town where some of the wealthiest people in Florida reside. The motto in Naples seems to be “less is more,” since the beauty of Naples comes from surrounding environment and sparkling beaches.

Real estate in Naples is rather expensive. Expect to pay around at least $400,000 for a smaller sized home or condo. The best investment to make, would most likely be a gorgeous family home in Naples. A larger home will range from $1 to $2 million, but is worth every penny, especially if is on the beach. Some great streets to check out for good “investment” homes are 10th Avenue South and 2nd Avenue North. Marlin Road is another great location offering great listings in Naples. The prices are steep, but at places like 10th Avenue South, owners can even bring their boat, as there is an on-site dock.

Some of the great neighborhoods in Naples are Olde Naples and Park Shore. Both of these areas feature “old money” and are renowned for their history and elegance. In Olde Naples, “Millionaires Row” was the first area in which beachfront homes were built and constructed. Vineyards is also an elegant area in Naples, boasting a private country club, water view homes, fitness center, and golf course. Park Shore features about 550 homes, and offers great shopping and restaurants in the Venetian Village which is located close by. The cost of homes and high rise living in Park Shore starts at $750,000.

Most notably, there are some great schools in the Naples location. Perhaps you are a grandparent and wish your grandchild to live with you during his or her college years. What a great idea. With Ave Maria University in the neighborhood, as well as its law school, your grandchild will have fantastic options for getting a great education and saving on housing costs.

When in Naples, lastly, remember to check out 5th Avenue in the main part of town. You will find great shops and restaurants in this area as well to remember your visit.

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