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East Hampton Real Estate - Purchasing High-End East Hampton Real Estate

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East Hampton is one of the most exclusive, wealthy areas in the United States to live. The best of the best live in East Hampton, and its real estate reflects that. Celebrities like Jerry Seinfeld and Kelly Ripa flock to East Hampton to enjoy the “good life” in summer homes on the gorgeous beaches of East Hampton. If you want to live the elite lifestyle, then East Hampton is the place for you.

To purchase a home in East Hampton, it is best that to work with a realtor in the area. Realtors on Main Street in East Hampton know the area incredibly well and can work with you to strike a great deal. One great realtor to consult with is Sotheby’s International Realty. Many celebrities and private, influential sellers go to Sotheby’s to sell their homes. If you like the idea of owning a celebrity home, then Sotheby’s has a plethora of options for you.

It is important to understand that East Hampton offers mostly incredibly expensive homes. The typical price range for homes in East Hampton is $2 to $5 million dollars. If you are seeking something less expensive, then you may want to consider researching housing for lower-income people within Amagansett. Lower-income housing is very rare to find in East Hampton.

Homes on the beach within East Hampton are incredibly rare to discover. The best beaches in East Hampton are Main Beach and Atlantic Beach. These beaches are truly stunning, and it is a dream of many to own property on one of these beaches. With the crisp white sand, you can expect to pay around $10 million for a home on the beach in East Hampton. And this is only a starting price! The best beach homes in east Hampton will reach around $40 or $50 million.

When purchasing real estate in East Hampton, and just like anything else in life, it pays to have connections. This is an exclusive area of the country, and necessitates extra care when handling real estate transactions.

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