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Saint Augustine Real Estate - Real Estate in St. Augustine, Florida

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Saint Augustine, Florida, is one of the tourist hot spots of Florida thanks to its beautiful architecture and vast harboring facilities. Saint Augustine rings a large harbor on the Atlantic coast before spilling out into the suburbs, and it is very popular among boaters, including the US Coast Guard, which is headquartered there. The city is home to comparatively mild weather when compared with the rest of Florida, although of course it is still sometimes subject to hurricanes and other foul weather. Still, the waterfront, and most famously the lighthouse, have stood for many years and through many storms.

Saint Augustine has a rather competitive real estate market since there is only so much space at the beach and the bay, the most aggressively targeted and purchased land in the region. This land rarely goes up for sale, and when it does, it is usually due to a bankruptcy, hurricane, or other financial disaster. The land slightly further from the beach, however, goes on sale regularly. Most of the Saint Augustine realty bought and sold comes from those areas most adjacent to the beach, which offer easy access yet remain affordable. This is particularly true for homes, since most people cannot afford a beachfront property, yet they can afford something near to the beach.

The unique Saint Augustine realty market makes it difficult for realtors and speculators. It is no small wonder, then, that many of the town’s inhabitants choose to live on houseboats in the harbor or in sailing vessels! The mobility of the local population also causes problems in Saint Augustine, since the region is often swamped with tourists and sailors during the summer yet comparatively barren during the winter. This causes real estate prices to fluctuate rapidly throughout the year, which can be good or bad. Saint Augustine realty may also be difficult to buy, sell or hold due to the fact that the city is home to many historical monuments and old buildings, which must be maintained.

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