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Coldwell Banker is one of the largest and oldest real estate firms in the United States. It was founded in San Francisco in 1906, by real estate agents that wished to help rebuild the city after the 1906 earthquake and fire, which destroyed almost the entire city’s real estate. They began by purchasing much of the city’s destroyed and barren properties with the hope of selling them at a profit as the city rebuilt, which they did successfully.

Coldwell Banker is now one of the predominant real estate distributors on the west coast. It is extremely common to see Coldwell Banker realty signs on lawns throughout California, as well as in Nevada, Oregon and Washington. Coldwell Banker realty operations also exist throughout the United States, and they are considered to be an excellent realtor when it comes to selling large commercial properties. Coldwell Banker has held and negotiated many of the real estate deals on Wall Street, for example. Coldwell Banker realty holdings also include many hotel chains, although in 2004 these were spun off to be their own independent corporations.

Coldwell Banker is also known for their innovations when it comes to connecting realty buyers and sellers. Currently this is demonstrated through their web site, which is among the most advanced web sites on the Internet today. To Coldwell Banker, realty is as much about providing useful information and updates as it is buying and selling, ensuring that everyone who comes to them receives the information they require. Coldwell banker knows that a first-time homeowner has different wants and desires than a seasoned real estate developer, and has built a web site that serves both of them very well. Smart investors and home buyers will use this complex database to negotiate buying prices down and selling prices up, since even if they are selling their property themselves, Coldwell Banker’s website enables one to determine the fair price of a property in an area just by looking at other properties.

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