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Scottsdale Real Estate Agent - Reasons to hire a Scottsdale Real Estate Agent

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Due to the high rate of foreclosure decreased market value of many homes in the Scottsdale area, homeowners are in a constant battle when attempting to sell their home. For those that are struggling to get a fair price for their home, hiring a Scottsdale real estate agent would be an excellent idea.

Scottsdale real estate agents are well experienced in selling homes in this economic climate and in poor real estate markets. The first thing that a Scottsdale real estate agent will do when trying to sell a home is determine the right sales price. Finding the right asking sales price is very important because a price listed to high will generate very little interest and a price to low will be unaffordable for the seller. To find the right sales price, a Scottsdale real estate agent will review recent sales trends in the home’s neighborhood and also review other homes that are listed for sale. Based on the market data, the Scottsdale real estate agent will be able to determine the fair market value for the home.

After the proper price is determined, the Scottsdale real estate agent will market the home. To market the home, the Scottsdale real estate agent will first place ads on their website as well as general real estate websites and in the local newspaper. The Scottsdale real estate agent will also hold open houses at the home, which will allow the general public and prospective buyers to enter the home in a comfortable setting.

Prior to holding the open house, the agent will help the homeowner clean up and stage the home. This process includes giving the home more curb appeal, finishing off interior remodeling projects, and reorganizing furniture to give each room a larger feel.

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