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Becoming Real Estate Agent - Is Becoming a Real Estate Agent the Right Career for You?

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Is Becoming a Real Estate Agent the Right Career for You?

It could be an opportunity for earning more money than you ever dreamed of. Or, it could be the worst mistake you’ve ever made. The answer lies in your own personality, and the set of values you bring to this new career. Before you decide to become a real estate agent, read the following statements, and notice which ones make you smile and nod your head…which ones make you shudder and say “yecch!”

I don’t want to work for someone else; I want to be my own boss.

I’d rather be in charge of my own income, not depend on someone’s decision to give me a raise

Regular 9 to 5 routines bore me; I like making my own schedule

I enjoy belonging to community organizations and meeting new people

I’m willing to risk a little at the beginning because I know I’m going to make money later on.

I’d rather set up my own lemonade stand than take a job at a soda fountain.

I’m glad to work hard for my company; because I know they’ll reward me with raises and promotions if I do well.

Security is important to me; it’s always nice to know that a check will be there at the end of every pay period. And I appreciate paid vacations, pension and health benefits, too.

I like regular work hours because they leave my evenings and weekends free.

It’s only fair to be paid for time worked, and to be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses.

Even with commissions, when I add up the hours spent at meetings, showing property, preparing paperwork, and subtract my expenses for gas and other costs, I end up working for 75 cents an hour!

It’s pretty clear that a successful real estate agent has the entrepreneurial spirit shown by the first 7 statements. The remaining viewpoints are those of a good employee, but if you want to become a real estate agent, they spell BAD ATTITUDE.

Which one are you?

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