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Pleasanton California Real Estate - Real Estate in Pleasanton, California

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The city of Pleasanton is located in Alameda County, California about 25 miles east of Oakland in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pleasanton has twice been named the wealthiest middle-sized city in America (2005 & 2007), and it is the home of both Safeway, Inc. and Oracle. The population of Pleasanton is just above 63,500 with a total area of 21.8 square miles. As it is one of the wealthier cities, one might be lead to believe that there is no real value for potential home buyers to consider. However, the city of Pleasonton is a burgeoning suburb that continues to prosper in terms of offering immaculate housing to the right customer.

The city of Pleasonton is home to many middle-aged couples raising their families. As Pleasonton generally serves as a pipeline for workers to the cities of Oakland and San Francisco, their population density borders on the average to high range with just under 3,100 people per square mile. The resulting housing density is approximately 1,100 houses per square mile.

Pleasonton has experienced a drop in the price that houses are routinely being sold for, which probably is considered too detrimental as the average house still sells for $600,000. Considering, however, that a normal house would sell for $800,000 just three years, this is a big change in the residential housing market for this small California city. Whereas housing prices tend to be higher in Pleasonton, median rent paid per month is as well. The average renter of an apartment or condo can expect to pay just under $1,500 per month.

Modernized housing is regularly available in Pleasonton as the vast majority of homes were built between 1970 and 1995. These houses typically have an average of three to four bedrooms with two or two-and-a-half bathrooms within the house. A typical renter can expect to get either one or two bedrooms with one bathroom for their $1,500 per month rent.

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