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The seventeenth largest city in the nation and the fifth largest city in the state of Texas, Fort Worth is home to NASCAR’s Texas Motor Speedway, the PGA Tour’s Crowne Plaza Invitational Tournament, and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. With just over 700,000, Fort Worth is also experiencing some monumental growth rates in terms of the number of new jobs that is offering to people with college degrees, which can be seen in their unusually high number of people aged 25-45, as well as the value that its real estate can provide potential homeowners looking for a new town to settle in.

$120,500 is the median price of a home in Fort Worth, Texas, which puts it slightly below the state of Texas’ average. If you are simply looking to rent an apartment/condominium, the average renter pays approximately $780. The population density of 2,400 people/square mile is relatively high, but considering that Fort Worth is a town of 700,000 people, it is easy to understand why their population density numbers would be higher.

Fort Worth has been lucky in that it hasn’t really felt the effects of the housing market crash that recently took place. The number of houses sold remained at a pretty steady pace from where it was just five years ago, and the average selling price on a house fell ever so slightly from $130,000 to $125,000. A reason that Fort Worth continues to prosper is due to the fact that they are located next to one of the most rapidly expanding metropolises in the United States right now, Dallas. Fort Worth is located only 32 miles east of Dallas, which makes it a cozy little town of its own away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas.

A homeowner can expect an average house to contain three bedrooms and two bathrooms, while apartment/condo renters can usually choose between one and two bedrooms, as the price differential in this area does not have too big of a margin. The category of housing prices that the majority of Fort Worth homes fall into is the $100,000-$250,000 range while the average rent that is paid on a monthly basis falls somewhere between $400-$900, depending mainly on how many bedrooms you would like in your apartment.

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