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Pearland Texas Real Estate - What is Real Estate in Pearland like?

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Pearland, Texas is a town on the outskirts of Houston. You can get from Pearland to downtown Houston in 20 minutes, depending on which part of Pearland you live in. Real estate in Pearland may offer a cheaper alternative than attempting to buy closer to downtown, if you are working in Pearland, working from home, or do not mind the commute.

Pearland has an older part that contains much of the older Texas real estate. This older real estate has rustic charm and may be exactly what some people are looking for. This area of Pearland is rich in Texas history and is also a lower-priced market being older and further away from Highway 288. This type of real estate is better suited to some people than others.

For those looking for newer homes and shorter commutes, the newer part of Pearland includes developments directly off of 288. These new developments still provide a cost savings as it is outside of Houston, but provide easier access to Houston and other destinations as the Highway is close.

Pearland is a developing area. There are plenty of office buildings and strip malls, new and old, for businesses. Some strip malls have restaurants and retail outlets on the ground floor and offices on upper floors, providing Pearland real estate options of multipurpose buildings with space for lease. Additionally, for those that chose to move to the area, it also means all conveniences for eating and shopping are located nearby.

With easy access to Clear Lake and Galveston, as well as Hobby Airport for whenever you’re ready to leave Pearland, real estate in Pearland is a viable option for those searching for new places to live and work.

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