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Beaverton Homes For Sale - A Website Review of Beaverton Homes for Sale

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Vickie Duchscherer’s Beaverton Homes for Sale offers desirable Beaverton real estate through a convenient digital portal.

With plenty of jobs and a population mostly in the 20-44 age range; Beaverton, Oregon is a small city with a lot of energy and expertise among its residents. Prices for linked homes begin at $80,000, while Tuscan villas and other homes can run for a million dollars or more.

Beaverton is located in the Silicon Forest—Oregon’s rainier, cooler spin on the Valley to the south. Tech jobs account for many of the jobs there, although numerous growing families have made the school district into the single largest employer in the area.

With so much technological expertise in one area, it’s not surprising that the local websites are intuitive and easy to navigate. Beaverton Homes for Sale’s website greets you with a powered-up Google map with up to fifteen variables available for consideration, ranging from price to local school options to the presence or absence of a garage.

Contained within this website are listings for every real estate agent in Oregon, so that the site can be a one-stop destination for comparing every option. Rather than some real estate sites which hide prices until three or four clicks in, Beaverton Homes for Sale displays its prices in bold, red numbers on the front page.

In the same way that Amazon and other online shopping services will let you keep a “cart” of items being considered, so too does Beaverton Homes for Sale let you keep track of the different houses being considered. It even displays them on a map to aid in geographic comparisons. This feature makes the site feel modern and professional, a good blend of form and function to inspire confidence in consumers.

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