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Miami Beach Homes For Sale - Thinking Of Looking At Miami Beach Homes For Sale?

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Miami Beach is located on a long barrier island across from the actual city of Miami. Approximately 88,500 people lived there at the 2000 Census, with 55.5% of them being foreign-born – one of the highest percentages in the nation. Known as a beach resort for most of the previous century, the South Beach section was glamorized in the popular 1980’s show “Miami Vice”. Other parts of Miami Beach have also been used in major films and one section, the Old Miami Beach Historic District, is on the National Register of Historic Places, having a significant example of art deco architecture.

Homes for sale in the Miami Beach area are not particularly inexpensive. With the revival of the area since the urban blight of the 1970s and early 80s, a lot of once cheap or vacant property has been snapped up by the wealthy and famous and turned into glamorous condos and estates. If one is flush with money and eager to live in exclusive, opulent comfort, shoreline estates offered at $15,000,000 can be had. On the other end of the scale, modest homes are offered for sale starting around $325,000. Most properties run $500,000 and up.

If this kind of housing is too expensive for your bank account, the City of Miami Beach does offer assistance to find affordable housing via its website. The Housing and Community Development Division administers programs to help low and middle income families find safe housing within the city limits. The Homebuyer Assistance Program gives aid to eligible home buyers in a variety of ways, such as help with down payment and closing-costs.

For more information on this and other affordable home-buying programs, visit the City of Miami Beach web site.

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