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Oakland Homes For Sale - How To Guarantee Your Sale Among Many Oakland Homes For Sale - Curb Appeal

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Selling a home can be an emotional moment in a homeowner’s life. This emotion becomes a lot more intensified if the house being sold has been sitting for months without any sign of a potential buyer. The good news is that sellers have a direct influence over how long their house remains on the market even if it is up against many Oakland homes for sale in their area. Here are some tips that you should always bear in mind if you plan to put your house among the many Oakland homes that are for sale:

Curb Appeal

Believe it or not , but no-one will even take a look at your house unless it looks attractive from a distance no matter how cheap the selling price is going for. The exterior is the first part of the house potential buyers see, and it is that part that they use to form a judgment about what they expect to see inside. Before you have a ‘For Sale’ sign nailed on your house take the time to look at other Oakland homes for sale in your area to see what they look like. Make a comparison with all the Oakland homes for sale in your area to see which is the most appealing and adopt features that are trendy and within the characteristics that typical home buyers are looking for.

For Sale By Owner vs. Using a Real Estate Agent

It is perfectly naturally to want to save some money on agent fees by dispensing the use of an agent, but will this hurt your chances of selling your house? The answer to this question will depend on what buyers are looking for and what they are prepared to put up with. They know that once they see a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign on Oakland homes for sale that they may be getting a cheaper house as against one that is being sold by a real estate agent. They also know that many homeowners do not have the necessary skills and knowledge to guarantee a smooth process in selling a house. For them this means that the seller may unintentionally or intentionally forget to mention some key information about house itself. While it may be tempting for them to consider Oakland homes for sale with a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign, many are willing to pay the extra agent fees to guarantee their security.

Cut Apron Strings

The minute a ‘’For Sale’’ by sign goes up on your house then you know that it is time to cut the attachments and to open the doors to someone else. No matter how beautiful your home may look compared to other Oakland homes for sale, no buyer is going to take a sale seriously if your personal things are scattered all over the house. Any seller that does this reduces the chances of selling his or her house significantly.

Create a Differential

Create a differential within your house that will make it stand out against the many Oakland homes for sale that are on the market. This simply means that you should channel your attention to create a space that people will adore and brings them closer as a family. It can either be a home theater room, a large outdoor space for family get-together a special room for Christmas gatherings. Your imagination should flow to allow your house to have differential features above other Oakland homes for sale.

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