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It is no secret the state of California is going through some difficult times right now. The governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was more or less unable to prevent the state from falling into bankruptcy. The local government in California is broke, totally broke, and the big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are suffering from a definite lack of public services, or severely reduced services. It is a desperate state of affairs, but that doesn’t mean everything has gone wrong. There are still many great places to live in Chula Vista and nearby areas like Bonita or National City. If all you want is some of your own land with few people around and a stable living environment, purchasing a home in Chula Vista is the right choice.

Forget, for a moment, about the poor condition of city and state-run services in California. It may be difficult, but try to think of Chula Vista and you living there. It goes without saying that living near a body of water, such as the Pacific Ocean, helps to keep temperatures lower during the summer months and higher during the winter months. For those of us who can’t stand extreme weather, living lakeside or, in the case of a Chula Vista home, close to the San Diego Bay, is a way to beat the heat and cold without spending money every month on an air conditioner or other fuel costs. Besides living in a spacious, clean location, there are other perks to purchasing a home that you should consider. Now is the absolute best time to purchase a new home because of a federal tax credit on the purchase of a first home; the federal credit for new homeowners will give you back up to $8,000 for buying your first home, regardless of where it is in the United States. This wonderful tax credit is schedule to expire on July 1 so there is a little pressure now if you plan to exploit it. You can take full advantage of this and get a decent boost to next year’s refund, or even put it towards the down payment on a home, which can really help since most people don’t have $30,000 sitting around their place. Plus, it isn’t like you won’t get enough water, gas or other utilities to keep up with your current standard of living; while the government may be in shambles you will still find buying a house in Chula Vista to be a sound financial investment.

For as long as the United States have existed and even before, buying land has always been a sound investment option. It is usually the safest investment you can make, simply because there isn’t going to be more land later; it has a definite, limited supply which we can all see with our eyes. It isn’t like oil buried under miles of ocean and sand, or some other resource which you cannot accurately judge in remaining quantity available. Buying land in the sunshine state might not seem like a bright idea, but California really has fallen so far that it can’t get much worse. Plus, with the gubernatorial elections coming up, you can expect some slight to moderate changes in each and every state, including California.

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