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Roseville Homes For Sale - Roseville Homes For Sale - How to Start Your Search

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If you are looking for homes for sale in Roseville, CA, there is no doubt about it: you’ve picked a wonderful place to live. Roseville is a city that celebrates its own personal history while still staying progressive. Just 16 miles from Sacramento, Roseville is located at the base of the Sierra Nevada foothills. The city boasts a diverse business economy as well as a varied arts and culture scene. This means that there are employment opportunities for anybody who moves here.

How to Start Your Search

Looking for a home is an overwhelming process, but fortunately Roseville makes it a bit easier. There are many listings online for homes for sale in Roseville, CA for you to search at your convenience. On the official Roseville website, there are government links to articles and policies related to housing. You should definitely examine these valuable information sources if you are looking for lower income options. You can also search for foreclosures, or look at renting for a few years while you save. Remember if you are going to rent that you should know your rights as a renter, to make sure that you do not get taken advantage of in any way. The Roseville official city website provides helpful information for renters.

First-Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program

Roseville offers a down payment assistance program for first-time homebuyers with a low income. This program was created with the aim of promoting home ownership by providing down payment assistance in the form of a second mortgage. This deferred loan is not due until the transfer of property. To qualify for the program, applicants must have annual incomes lower than 80 percent of the median for Roseville, CA. There is a full chart available on the Roseville, CA official website with the applicant eligibility income brackets listed per number of persons. Program applicants who have lived or worked in Roseville for at least a year are given first priority for assistance. If you are just moving to Roseville for the first time and want to apply for the program, consider renting and saving for a year first, to increase your chances of qualifying for assistance.

Single-family homes, condos and half-plexes are all eligible under the First Time Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program, so you have some flexibility. Homes that qualify are built on permanent foundations, and have an adequate number of rooms for the number of people to live there. The city carries out an inspection on all homes under the program to ensure they meet regulated Housing Quality Standards. The home for purchase cannot exceed 95% of the median purchase price in Roseville, which is currently $441,750.

It is encouraging news to know that Roseville, CA provides affordable housing options and assistance for low-income families. You can easily learn more at your leisure online, thanks to the highly comprehensive Roseville official website. Start learning about your housing options now, because there are plenty of homes for sale in Roseville, CA waiting for you.

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