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Canton Homes For Sale - Are you looking for Canton homes for sale?

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Located in southeast Michigan, Canton is a great place to live in. It is situated very close to Detroit Metropolitan Airport and is a convenient place to stay with its parks, restaurants, library, shopping avenues and other community facilities. Moreover, you have some top companies (like IKEA) that provide employment opportunities in Canton.

Canton has around 35,000 housing units. So, all kinds of homes are available for sale and on rent. Also, it is worth mentioning here, that just like all other places in the US, the property rates in Canton have really come down in the last 2 years. In fact, the number of foreclosures has really shot up. So, that might be good news for people who are looking to buy homes in Canton. What was available for $250K, 2-3 years back, might now be available at 40-50% less. However, do your house-hunting with patience in order to get the best deal on Canton homes for sale.

If you are looking for Canton homes for sale, you will need to consider various factors and chart out your preferences. Let’s take a quick look at top 3 factors that you need to consider for buying a home in Canton, MI:

Check your budget: This is the first thing that you need to do when you are looking to buy a home. The median price for homes in Canton, as per latest statistics, is around $170K. However, as you would expect, there are Canton homes for sale at prices lower than that and also for prices higher than that. However, this information should give you a fair idea of whether you can afford to buy a home in Canton or not.

Mortgage Rates: Yes, mortgaging a home could be a good option for you. Moreover, with the mortgage rates in Canton ranging from 3.5% to 5% (depending on the mortgage term, amount etc), you could find it really convenient to take the mortgage route. However, you should do your calculations on the monthly payments that you can make after discounting all other expenditures (and some amount as contingency fund).

Choose your neighborhood: You might want to live close to your work place, or at walking distance to your kids’ school, or near one of the two golf courses in Canton, or close to the community center or just some other place of your liking. So, shortlist the places where you want to live in and search for your home accordingly (also keeping your budget in mind). Making a priority list for places might be the best way to go.

Hunting a home in Canton might not be that difficult and you might choose to go on your own or use the services of a good real estate broker/agent.

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