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Rental moving trucks are an excellent way to save thousands of dollars on one’s next move. With careful planning and some best practices, one can make the process of using a rented moving truck downright pleasant.

There are two broad types of truck rentals. The first is the in-town, two-way rental. These rentals are typically done for a 4 hour to 1 day period and carry a minimal base rental free, usually ranging from $19.95 for a small 10 foot cube truck to $39.95 for a larger truck of 20 feet or more. In addition to the base fee, a mileage charge of anywhere between forty and seventy cents per mile is charged. Needless to say, the mileage charge is frequently more than the cost of the rental. For moves over greater distances, most people choose a one-way rental. These rentals typically include a set amount of mileage which should be more than adequate for the trip as well as a reasonable amount of days in which to accomplish the move.

The price of a move will vary greatly depending on how far one is going, what size truck is required, what time of year is desired, and what company one chooses. For example, as of this writing, U-Haul charges $207 to drive a 14’ truck from Chicago to Indianapolis, including 2 full days and 213 miles. A 24 or 26 foot truck would cost $270. The same itinerary from Penske, one of U-Haul’s competitors, would cost $204 for a 12 or 16 foot truck or $256 for a 22 or 26 foot truck, including unlimited mileage. A move from Seattle to Miami would include 12 days of use and 3907 miles and cost either $1570 or $2044 from U-Haul, and $1210 or $1513 from Penske. In addition to these charges, one may opt to add insurance against either damage to the truck or damage to one’s belongings, although the latter will tend to be quite limited. This insurance can cost as much as $360 on top of the cost of the long-distance, move.

The most important thing is to rent a truck that is the right size. The problem with renting a truck that is too small is obvious. However, the cost of more significant than one realizes. Because most rental trucks are rented on a per day and on a per mile basis, an additional trip, even if it is just across town, can be quite expensive. On the other hand, renting a truck that is too large can be even worse. Most items that get broken in the truck are broken because they shift. If a truck is too large, there is a great deal of room for items to move around unless they are properly secured. An accurate understanding and description of one’s belongings is crucial to selecting the right truck.

Rental trucks are not luxury cars. They are not going to be comparable to the typical SUV that many American families drive. Many are older and have seen a number of miles of hard use. Many can be relatively uncomfortable. But, at the end of the day, they all have tires, brakes and a steering wheel, and, unlike the family SUV, can haul all of one’s possessions in one fell swoop.

There are three secrets to surviving a drive in a rental truck. The first is to take one’s time. Rental trucks are heavy and tend to handle sluggishly and take a long time to stop. After all, they are not sports cars. The second trick is to carefully adjust one’s side mirrors. If necessary, get some help from a friend or family member. Most are equipped with mirrors that, when used correctly, will eliminate any blind spot. Although it may seem unnatural to drive without a rear view mirror, it can be done safely. The final trick is to be confident—given the size of a rental truck combined with people’s fear of the drivers of rental trucks, other drivers tend to get out of the way.

To make one’s moving truck rental experience more pleasant, there are a few other trips that can help. The first is to make an advance reservation and confirm it a couple of days before one’s move. Also, the difference between a professional mover and a neophyte is equipment. Most rental truck services will also rent pads, dollies, and the like. These items help to make moves both less painful and quicker. Finally, a positive attitude will go a long way. Using rented moving trucks saves hundreds and thousands of dollars. Those savings make driving a less-than-comfortable truck an extremely fair compromise.

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