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Greensboro Homes For Sale - Greensboro Home Prices Fluctuate

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Sale prices for homes in Greensboro, NC dropped nearly 8% from 2005 to 2010. Add to that the city’s low cost of living and median housing costs and it becomes obvious. For prospective buyers it’s an ideal time to check out Greensboro homes for sale.

Nicknamed the Gate City due to its past as a transportation hub, Greensboro proper has about a quarter million residents. When added to Winston-Salem and High Point, the cities are known as the Triad. The metro of the Triad tops a million for population. Greensboro homes for sale are some of the best bargains in all three cities combined. Affordable home ownership is possible for low income residents due to innovative programs in Greensboro like the Greensboro Affordable Home Loan Initiative. The Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program helps keep people in their homes by assisting with repairs to maintain housing codes and other challenges faced by low to moderate income families.

The Southern tradition of the city surfaces in architecture around Greensboro College where the city’s oldest neighborhood, College Hill, is located. Some of the oldest neighborhoods located in the south side of the city have been redeveloped. Greensboro homes for sale in those areas fluctuate in a wide range depending on the street and the condition of the home. Similar to many urban areas, neighborhoods often contrast from street to street or even from house to house.

According to the real estate site, Trulia, Greensboro homes for sale averaged about $221K in June 2010. Some of the most popular neighborhoods demanded higher costs. The desirable Green Valley location averaged over $316,000 while Adams Farm averaged prices in the $170s, a figure below the city average. Over 2501 Greensboro homes are listed for sale including new houses. In addition, over 1000 homes are in the auction or foreclosure stage.

For future residents unfamiliar with the city, other desirable neighborhoods are Old Irving Park, Brice Street Area, Glenwood and Grandover. The city is working to attract families with a multi-million dollar greenway featuring walking and biking trails and recreational activities. The project is under construction with planned completion 5-10 years into the future.

For those looking for the biggest bargain in Greensboro homes for sale, take a chance on a neighborhood you think could move into the “up and coming” category. Less desirable areas offer huge cuts in home prices. The gamble of potential positive growth is something each person needs to determine. There are bargains throughout the city due to the lower than the state average median housing prices. Add good prices to the progressive attitude of the city and Greensboro homes for sale might be on the market for a shorter time.

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