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Mesquite Tx Homes - Reasons to Relocate to Mesquite, TX

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Homes in Mesquite, TX are increasing in value. That’s good news for both buyers and sellers. For those interested in Mesquite, TX homes now is the time to make a move while the market remains slightly in favor of the buyer.

With a population of about 125,000, Mesquite offers safe and friendly neighborhoods with crime rates far below the average in nearby Dallas and slightly below the average for the state. Market trends point to increases in the value of homes in Mesquite with the median listing price of about $118,000 for the 711 homes currently on the market. The average sales price for homes during the past year sat close to $97,000 in June of 2010 according to Trulia. That number reflects a jump of over 6% from the same day in 2009. Foreclosures in Mesquite were listed at 470.

Like most cities, the average cost of a home fluctuates based on the zip code. Some of the more favorable Mesquite, TX homes are listed in the desirable neighborhoods of Falcon’s Lair and the Hills at Tealwood. Average homes listed in those areas are higher in price at about $180k and $138k respectively. Even considering the higher costs, homes in those choice neighborhoods are still a good value in this north central Texas city.

For bargain hunters or investors, check out the Mesquite, TX homes in foreclosure or listed for short sale. If a buyer has time to add to the money required to purchase property, Mesquite, TX homes should prove to be a windfall for those who have the patience to ride the market trends. Median housing costs of Mesquite, TX homes are below the state average. There is a wide-range of types of housing in the area with current listings including condos, townhouses, duplexes and single family homes.

Mesquite, TX homes are on the list of many people relocating to the area because of the parks and recreational activities. With 15 area lakes and ponds stocked for fishing combined with the long list of pools and playgrounds, Mesquite offers kid-friendly activities. Mesquite is desirable to prospective buyers who work in heavily populated areas with higher crime rates. The idea of a commute in order to raise children in a nearby friendly neighborhood is appealing to young families. Another plus for Mesquite is the cost of living estimated to be lower than the state average.

Compared to state averages, Mesquite, TX offers a desirable setting for prospective home buyers. Considering important factors like housing, recreation and crime rates, Mesquite, TX homes appear to be a good investment for families.

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