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Greenville is a major city in upstate South Carolina. Although the city only has a population of 56,006, the metro area has 601,986 residents. The Greenville area was originally a territory of the Cherokee Nation, but was handed over by treaty in 1776 to South Carolina. Greenville County was established 12 years later. The city was born under the name of Pleasantburg, but was changed to Greenville in 1831. In 1869, Greenville was officially incorporated as a city by amending the previously existing town charter. Today, Greenville is known for its beautiful downtown, first landscaped in the 1970s.

Greenville contains 24,382 households in a total of 27,295 total housing units. This large discrepancy means there is always a large selection of Greenville homes for sale. At any given time, there are between 2,000 and 2,500 homes for sale in Greenville. Although foreclosures remain steady at 500 to 700, this number is low considering the ratio to home listings. The average listing price is about $250,000, but the median final selling price is only half that amount. This comes to an average price per square foot of $133, one of the lowest in the United States. Although the market and names are similar, Greenville, SC should not be confused with Greenwood homes for sale in Indiana.

Greenville living runs the range of national categories. Homes for sale in Greenville can be found in historical districts, older, quiet neighborhoods, suburban subdivisions, and in the urban downtown area. The downtown area is the heart of the city. It holds over 75 restaurants and 130 shops amid lush green trees and natural waterfalls. Prospective Greenville homeowners can choose from over 1,300 condos downtown.

Greenville is set to become an international manufacturing hotspot, having more foreign investment per capita than any other city in the U.S. 245 international companies have already made Greenville home and 170 corporations make the city their headquarters.

Buyers looking for Greenville homes for sale are attracted by the Greenville Hospital System and the highly-rated St. Francis surgery center. The Greenville County School district is the largest and one of the most honored in the state.

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